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trustme sourdough

We are a licenced Cottage Food Bakery operation. All of our products are naturally leavened Sourdough


handcrafted - artisinal - sourdough


handcrafted - artisinal - sourdough



- As all products are sourdough, the mix typically starts on Thursday to be baked on Saturday, hence it is best to get your orders in by Thursday for that week

- The Rustic sourdough is a staple every week, other items such as cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, donuts, focaccia etc. keep rotating weekly

Pick-up is on Saturday from 10.30 am to 12 pm
at 379 Santa Isabel Ave, Newport Beach

For custom orders big and small reach out to me at

This bakery is a home-based licensed Cottage Food Operation, Permit No. PR0123233

Panettone 2.JPG

( Pa-neht-tohn-ney )

The panettone journey begins with a simple mother yeast or “lievito madre” -  a sourdough starter made from flour, water and the yeast that is present in the air.  The panettone dough undergoes two proofings (the rise) over the course of 48 hours. After baking, the panettone is rested upside-down overnight to preserve its soft and airy crumb

" A Panettone is a luxury cake-like bread rich in  candied fruit and nuts "

Our Panettone is:
- Handcrafted Sourdough
- All natural ingredients, no preservatives
- A shelf life of 3-4 weeks
- Ships well near and far
- Locally baked in Newport Beach


For local pick-up and orders shipping within California

For orders shipping outside of California

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