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Blackened Paper

" Pa-neht-tohn-ney "

- A luxury cake-like bread rich in  candied fruit and nuts

- Shelf life of 4 weeks

- Shipping available across California




- - -

All natural


no preservatives

- - -

Freshly baked

in Newport Beach

The panettone journey begins with a simple mother yeast or “lievito madre” -  a sourdough starter made from flour, water and the yeast that is present in the air.  The panettone dough undergoes two proofings (the rise) over the course of 48 hours. After baking, the panettone is rested upside-down overnight to preserve its soft and airy crumb.

Holiday Orders Open soon

Custom Bakes - Made to order



All sourdough breads are baked fresh for pick-up on Saturdays. Orders for the week must be made by Thursday. All orders are ready for pick-up on Saturdays between 10.30 am and 12.00 pm.

Please note that some bread flavors change weekly; follow the Instagram account @trustmesourdough for our flavors of the week.

Pick up all orders at 379 Santa Isabel Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92660. 

Local delivery available for large/bulk orders. 

Contact me directly for your custom orders.

This bakery is a home-based licensed Cottage Food Operation, Permit No. PR0123233

Weekly Breads

Private chef & Baker - Kaustubh Mahamuni

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